Fishing NCS Frac Packer Tools


22 days for fishing with an additional 14 days for cleanout runs to TD and running production strings


During an attempt to lower completion costs in the Duvernay shale, the customer had ran NCS completions cemented in frac sleeves on 3 wells of a 6 well pad to determine a cost comparison and production comparison between NCS systems and the more expensive plug and perf traditional method.

During fraccing, sleeves would be shifted open with coil tubing and fracced down the coil annulus. This resulted in numerous packers becoming stuck and 4 fish being left in the 3 wells



The customer contacted Piston and requested a plan for fishing the packers and BHA out of the wells under surface pressures of 25-32mpa with a column of produced water. Whereas the packers were in the lateral at measured depths between 4800-5600m with a tvd of 2900m, the fishing would be complicated as the fishing tools would have to be reamed to this depth. Piston modeled the fishing with Ptech 23 to allow enough torque to get the string to the fish, and allow enough surface torque to disengage the overshot and rotate off the fish if it couldn’t be jarred free and would require washpipe runs. Unit 8 was mobilized; a state-of-the-art 170k jack; and spooled up to house the fishing tools and the fish (82’ to floor). Fishing BHA’s were 3-5/8 overshot dressed for 2-7/8, dual flapper floats, bumper sub, jar, four 2-7/8 drill collars, an intensifier, Ptech drillpipe to surface with profile spaced through string in case float failure occurred. All fishing was successful by jarring on the fish to break them free. Cleanout runs were performed to the toe of each well, followed by snubbing production strings.