142K Gen 2 Mobile Hydraulic Work Over Unit

Fully Mobile 10K Rigless Snubbing Package

This newly updated unit is robust and features a fully integrated HALO slip swivel and torque management system. The new fail-safe hydraulic system makes this unit safe and reliable with optimum efficiency.

Discover how Piston Well Services and our 142K Gen 2 Mobile Hydraulic HWU can make a difference in your oil & gas operation.

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142K GEN 2 - MOBILE HWU Benefits

  • Integrated HALO Slip Swivel
  • Integrated Torque Management
  • Fail-Safe Hydraulic System
  • Dual handling winches
  • Built-in gin pole
  • Dual motor rotary
  • Proprietary tubing handling system for efficient trip times


142K GEN 2 - MOBILE HWU Features

  • 4 Mobile Loads
  • Snubbing Unit: tandem steer, tri-drive (jack, HPU, tools, secondary accumulator)
  • 45T crane truck & high boy hauling primary BOP, 1 anchor block & spool
  • Pump Truck: tandem steer, tri-drive body job with pump, tank, line pipe and 30’ trailered catwalk with pipe racks
  • Anchor truck trailering toolshed & doghouse with primary accumulator & 2 anchors


142K GEN 2 - MOBILE HWU Specifications

Max Hoist 142,500 LBS
Max Snub Force 84,000 LBS
Rotary 5,000 FT-LBS, 130 RPM with Halo Slip Swivel and Detachable Torque Track
Max Depth 6,000 M
Trip Speed 85 Joints/HR
Drive System 2 Leg, 12' Stroke, 600 HP
Mud Tank 27M3 with 3 compartments and jets
Pump 600 HP, 15,000 PSI MSI
BOP's 7-1/16” Cameron U Stack 6 BOP 10K Stack
Power Pack 600 HP Truck Mounted
Mast 45 FT X 3,000 LBS with 2 counter-balance winches and 1 heavy winch
Pipe Size 1.050" - 5.5"
Thru Bore 7-1/16”
Slips Full Opening Cavin C
Crane 45T Mobile Crane
Total Unit Weight 65,000 LBS

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