170K Guided Hydraulic Workover Unit

Guided 10K HWU

This is a mobile and compact guided 10 & 15K snubbing unit. It excels in deep horizontal and problematic wells and is ideal in the liquids-rich Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

Along with our 170K Guided HWU, Piston Well Services provides the best snubbing services with the most predictable and repeatable outcomes through our leadership, planning and innovation.

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170K Guided HWU Benefits

  • Built-in gin pole
  • Dual motor rotary
  • Proprietary tubing handling system for efficient trip times
  • Patented HALO system
  • 5-station, 120-gallon Accumulator
  • Torque Track to Increase Stability while Drilling
  • Slip Interlock & Slip Position Lock
  • Compact Guided Unit


170K GUIDED HWU Features

  • Trailer/Skid Mounted
  • Skidded pump & tank
  • Skidded doghouse with primary accumulator
  • Jack & power pack on owned & customized 24-wheeled trailer
  • Catwalk trailer with fold-out pipe racks and integrated tool shed


170K GUIDED HWU Specifications

Max Hoist 170,000 LBS
Max Snub Force 96,000 LBS
Rotary 6,600 FT-LBS, 145 RPM with Halo Slip Swivel and Torque Track
Max Depth 6,700 M
Trip Speed 65 Joints/HR
Drive System 2 Leg, 12' Stroke, 630 HP, Trailer Mounted
Mud Tank 30M3 with 3 compartments with agitators and jets
Pump 600 HP, 15,000 PSI MSI
BOP's 7-1/16, 10K or 15K Cameron, 8 BOP Stack with Shaffer Annular
Power Pack 630 HP Trailer Mounted
Mast 55 FT X 5,000 LBS with 2 counter-balance winches and 1 heavy winch
Work Window N/A - Slip Window Only
Pipe Size 1.050” – 3.5”
Thru Size 7-1/16”
Slips NU Energy 170K Bowls
Total Unit Weight 91,000 LBS

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