285/311K Guided Hydraulic Workover Unit

HPHT Hydraulic Workover Unit

This is a skidded heavy-duty hydraulic workover unit complete with a 10/15K BOP stack and a 15K pump. It is exceptional at high-pressure snubbing, hydraulic workover campaigns, and drilling out frac plugs on deep horizontal wells where other services are unable to reach the toe.

Our high-speed, high-torque rotaries and torque-managed rigs offer the efficiency of full jack strokes while milling at extreme depths. With Piston on the job, you will reach the toe every time.

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285/311K Guided HWU Benefits

  • Dual handling winches
  • Built-in gin pole with 10' and 24' extensions
  • Dual motor rotary
  • Proprietary tubing handling system for efficient trip times
  • Patented HALO system
  • Torque Track to increase stability while drilling
  • Modular components for quick rig-up/out times


285/311K Guided HWU Features

  • 9 Skid Mounted Loads +
  • Jack
  • Primary BOP & stripping stack
  • Dual pump shack
  • Mud tank
  • Main power pack
  • Secondary power pack
  • Catwalk with 4 pipe racks
  • Tool shed/fuel skid
  • Gin pole skid
  • Doghouse/Accumulator
  • Anchors (require trailer with no roll)


285/311K Guided HWU Specifications

Max Hoist 285,000 LBS & 311,000 LBS
Max Snub Force 169,000 LBS & 121,000 LBS
Rotary 10,000 FT-LBS, 200 RPM with Halo Slip Swivel & Torque Tube
Max Depth 9,000 M
Trip Speed 2-LEG = 85 Joints / HR 4-LEG = 45 Joints / HR
Drive System 2 or 4 Leg Selectable Modes, 12’ Stroke
Mud Tank 40M3 with 3 compartments with agitators and mixing pumps
Pump Dual 600 HP 15K Pumps


7-1/16, 10K or 15K
Power Pack 880 HP
Mast 55’ + 10’ + 24’  extensions x 10,000 LBS with 2 counter-balance winches and 1 heavy winch
Work Window 8 FT
Pipe Size 1.050” – 7.625” Snubbing 1.050” – 7.625” Workover
Structure Bore 14" Snubbing 14" Workover
Slips NU Energy 300K & Westco 375K Slip Bowls
Total Unit Weight 104,000 LBS

Contact Piston Well Services to learn more about our 285/311K Guided HWU and how it can support your well operation.