Kinetic Blowout Stopper (K-BOS)

Piston Well Services is the proud supplier of the Kinetic Blowout Stopper (K-BOS) technology in Canada—“the airbag for the Industry.” 

The K-BOS from Kinetic Pressure Control is a shear ram that can shear and seal on any well in milliseconds without the use of an accumulator. 

Kinetic Pressure Control


Coil / Wireline / Tubing / Drill Collars
Whatever your shear BOP needs are.

The K-BOS is designed to cut anything above the bit and seal it instantly – even after full flow has been started. It is capable of cutting all typical tubulars, tool joints, and BHAs used for a given API bore size, and can also cleanly cut wireline in slack conditions. The rapid cutting action leaves a clean cut with minimal deformation and allows the K-BOS to cut and seal in milliseconds.

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Benefits of the K-BOS

  • Shear anything in the well above the bit
  • Eliminate un-shearables from the oil & gas lexicon
  • Enables optimized well design and tool selection
  • Shut-in at full flow and pressure in milliseconds
  • Dramatically reduce risk from flammable and/or toxic gas releases
  • Proven High Reliability Components
  • Proven best-in-class oilfield controls
  • Working components isolated from wellbore fluids
  • Designed for extreme sour service, exceeds NACE compliance with ratings up to 5000 psi p.p. H2S

Check out the brochures on some of the sizes and capabilities that are available for this innovative blowout stopper!

Don't wait for an emergency to take action. Contact us today to equip your well with the K-BOS technology or to schedule an information session and learn more about how the K-BOS can transform your well operations.