Frac Plug Milling


Frac Plug Milling

Our equipment and experience in jointed pipe milling places us on the top shelf. We completed Canada’s longest wells two years in a row and milled out hundreds of wells to the toe with weight on the bit every time - never frictioning out.

Rotaries come standard on our rigs - but not just any rotary design. Our patented HALO slip swivel, is our industry’s envy, giving us the ability to apply pressure to the slips on an independent hydraulic circuit while rotating for optimal control of pipe movement. We can model each well with a torque & drag analysis and design a customized tapered drill string from our company-owned pipe with pressure-rated connections.

With capabilities up to 200 RPM and 12,000 ft-lbs, our units are equipped to disperse the torque through the stack rather than the snubbing cylinders. Combined with our superior pumping and fluid handling capabilities, we give you the full package.

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