Downhole Tools


Downhole Tools

Our solution-oriented ingenuity is in the design of several downhole devices, such as our patented BADASS and Acid Disconnect.

We carry an inventory of the most robust 2-3/8 drill pipe and work string in the industry and standard ball-activated 15k disconnects, custom mills, X-overs and BPV’s rated for up to 20,000 psi.

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In response to a growing market for lateral completions, we developed the BADASS (Ball Activated Disconnect And Sliding Sleeve), a tool that allows the lateral to be cleaned out with the production pipe. Once the bit reaches the toe, a ball is pumped to disconnect the bit, and the string is pulled back to landing depth. The tubing hanger is then landed and wellhead installed. A second ball is then pumped to open sleeve for flow.

The Dissolvable Disconnect – Patent Pending

The newest technology we have developed that is bound to impact the market from the coil to drilling rigs is the dissolvable disconnect tool. A typical drilling BHA for extended reach wells places multiple agitators back from the bit up to 4,500 ft. If stuck, the assembly is difficult to fish because the wireline can’t run through the agitators to back-off close to the stuck point. The dissolvable disconnect tool can be placed anywhere in the BHA. And if stuck, acid is spotted across disconnect, and the string is freed. As a result, less equipment is required to fish, cutting risk and cost to the operator.

Coil, for example, often gets stuck at the bit. The disconnection occurs above the motor/shock tools, complicating the fishing string and creating a need for washover trips. With a dissolvable disconnect placed directly above the bit or mill, acid can be spotted. The motor can be retrieved, allowing a far cheaper fishing operation; ideally, running with an overshot.

Our end goal for this tool is to allow shock tools to be placed back from the BHA, where they are most effective while maintaining the option to disconnect if the string becomes stuck. Keeping a competitive edge by allowing faster hole across the lateral with less risk is our goal. We are in the 3rd and final stage of lab testing the tool before proceeding to a pilot well test.

PH-6 Workstring

Our premium workstrings have high torque, pressure rated connections and tailored for your needs. For more information, click the button below to download our technical specifications and performance data.